Honda Civic GX NGV

2011 Honda Civic GX NGV

The 2011 Honda Civic GX NGV Review

With its foundation as a fueled by compressed natural gas with nearly zero emission, the 2011 Honda Civic GX NGV also stand as a sporty civic. One says it can take  more mileage and not only it is a day to day vehicle but a day to day adventure as you discover all the features it caters.

To performance: 2011 Honda Civic GX NGV engine achieves 24 city/36 highway/28 combined mpg. A host of sophisticated technologies include special engine mounts, crankshaft, engine block, pistons and connecting rods to help achieve remarkable smoothness. The compressed natural-gas (CNG) fuel tank is almost as impressive as the engine. The tank is lightweight, strong and built for safety. And for extra peace of mind, Honda equipped the tank with an in-tank solenoid valve that will cut off the flow of gas if the system is compromised.

To its addition for a clean environment, 2011 Honda Civic GX NGV emits nearly zero emission. Nothing but clean natural gas powers the 2011 Honda Civic GX NGV, making it nearly free of emissions. And you never have to worry for constant examination of emission.

Interior of the 2011 Honda Civic GX NGV

With its remarkably interior, as you open the door, you’ll find a great ground clearance.  Much of the 2011 Honda Civic GX NGV legroom comes from the rear suspension’s highly compact design, which frees up more space for passengers and cargo. Along with a compact exhaust system, this makes it possible to seat five people and to eliminate the floor hump for a roomy, flat rear-floor area, plus features you usually find in a Honda Civic car like the 160-watt AM/FM/CD audio system with MP3 auxiliary input jack which provides with hours of listening pleasure

The first thing you’ll notice is the iconic styling of the 2011 Honda Civic GX NGV is its sporty six-sided grille gives the GX a bold appearance. Alternative fuel never looked better. Much more emphasized architecture of what a sporty car should be: room, power and safety features.

2011 Honda Civic GX NGV Safety Features

Honda is committed to providing safety for everyone—that means crash protection not only for our own drivers and passengers, but also for occupants of other vehicles, and injury mitigation for pedestrians. Honda is dedicated to identifying and implementing advanced designs and features that help enhance the safety of vehicles on the road. Sophisticated active and passive safety features work in concert to help keep you and your passengers safer in an unpredictable world. Like the Driver’s and Front passenger Active Head Restraints In a sufficient rear-end impact, the active head restraints move up and forward in a fraction of a second, helping reduce the likelihood of neck injury. The Front Side Airbags with Passenger-Side Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS). In the event of a moderate-to-severe side impact, the side airbag inflates to help protect the driver’s or front passenger’s upper body. The Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS) utilizes sensors in the front passenger’s seatback to detect the height and seating position of the occupant. If a child or small-statured adult is leaning into the deployment path of the side airbag, sensors deactivate it.

Through years of study Honda has come up with a car that is solidly reliable and that  is 2011 Honda Civic GX NGV.

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