Honda Civic Hybrid

2011 Honda Civic Hybrid

2011 Honda Civic Hybrid Review

Presenting the 2011 Honda Civic Hybrid one of the most impressive work of the art by Honda. Packed with your favourite features.IMA® couples a 1.3-liter, 8-valvei-VTEC® 4-cylinder gasoline engine with an electric motor. Although the engine alone provides sufficient driving performance, when additional power is required, a permanent-magnet electric motor mounted between the engine and transmission provides power assist. The electric motor can propel the car from a stop to speeds up to 35 mph. Together, the motor and engine produce 110 hp @ 6000 rpm. The Drive-by-Wire™ system helps enhance the driving character of the 2011 Honda Civic Hybrid. With smart electronics connecting the throttle pedal to the throttle butterfly valve in the intake manifold, the engine response can be optimized to suit the driving conditions and to better match the driver’s expectations.

The 2011 Honda Civic Hybrid- it speaks for itself:

A hybrid vehicle combines two means of motive power to provide increased gas mileage and help lower emissions. The 2011 Honda Civic Hybrid utilizes the Honda Integrated Motor Assist IMA® technology, which uses a 1.3-liter i-VTEC® gasoline engine for primary power, while an ultra-thin electric motor provides added power of which both motor power increases gas mileage and help lower emissions.

And more great news, you can also accessorized the 2011 Honda Civic Hybrid for optimization. Just like any other cars of Honda there’s a lot of features included like the splash guards, fog lights, full-nose mask and electronic accessories for a convenient and comfortable riding while listening to music or sports events.

Some Features the 2011 Honda Civic Hybrid offers

An artfully designed brake light confirms the 2011 Honda Civic Hybrid’s status as an evolutionary vehicle. The Hybrid badging makes a pretty positive statement as well. Body-colored power side mirrors with integrated turn indicators add to the stand-out design of the Civic Hybrid. The unique 15-inch, lightweight alloy wheels look great and add a stylish touch to the high-tech look of the Civic. The battery pack is only about 8 inches thick. That leaves plenty of room for just about everything else you need to toss in the trunk. The six-sided grille on the 2011 Civic Hybrid makes a great first impression. Much more to think about the exterior of the 2011 Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda itself looks after the impressive work of cars to satisfy the demand of the consumer. Other advance features inspired by thorough study is the safety features that has to be most considered on building a 2011 Honda Civic Hybrid. Honda is committed to providing safety for everyone; surely they put much effort on collision defence not only for the drivers but also for the passengers, and lessening the damage to pedestrian. Honda is dedicated to identifying and implementing advanced designs and features that help enhance the safety of vehicles on the road. The 2011 Honda Civic Hybrid is a very impressive car and I give it an good review.

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